Markov and Die


Young Justice Season 3, Episode 1

“Princes All”

SUMMARY: Two years later, Oracle and Nightwing, now operating separately from the Team, assemble their own team to take down a human trafficking ring seemingly based out of Markovia. This squad includes Artemis – now living with Will and Lian Harper, Superboy – now engaged to Miss Martian, and Jefferson Pierce – recently retired from his role as Black Lightning after accidentally killing a young girl. In a seemingly unrelated turn of events, Batman throws a hissy fit and quits the Justice League, bringing several superheroes with him.

Syd: Now that the first half of the third season is available, I think we’re ready to watch the episodes one at a time to talk about them, but oh my God, I still can’t believe this series is still happening. Forgive me if I pass out several times throughout this blog entry.

Margaret: It’s great that it’s returned! I’m looking forward to it being a show out from under network guidelines and with, hopefully, some room to run.


Syd: We start with the godawful cg DC brand identification. The worst.

Margaret: That’s on everything, we can’t single out Young Justice for this.

Syd: Just trying to be thorough. Then, before the actual episode starts, we get a repeat of the last scene of season 2, where Nightwing decides to leave the Team and Kaldur takes over. Then we finally get the first new content in years, when we cut to Markovburg in the nation of Markovia, two years later. It seems to me like they knew we would be spending a lot of time with the Markov family, and they forgot to come up with more proper nouns after “Markov.”

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