Criminal Entente


Young Justice Season 2, Episode 19


SUMMARY: The Reach and the Light meet to discuss their plans, but their meeting is cut short when they discover that they have two traitors in their midst – Tigress and Aqualad.

Syd: We start off in a cave in Santa Prisca – home of Bane. Black Beetle enters, then Slade Wilson enters. They both nod, then their respective teams – the Reach and the Light – enter. It’s unusual setting for this meeting. It does house some Light controlled facilities, but it isn’t the home base for anyone present. I guess it has some mysterious caves that provide some secrecy?


Margaret: It’s also quite an interesting place to set this considering the rest of the episode. This is the island where the Team first became a Team. It’s where they all started to work together after all their disagreements and squabbles. To set the Summit here, I think, is really a masterful point on the creator’s part as it is really bringing everything full circle.

We also start off with a bit of a misdirect with the Reach appearing and then Deathstroke being the only Light representative. It’s only for a moment before the rest of the Light contingency arrives, but I found it a very interesting fake out to think that either Deathstroke faked out the Light or has been cornered by the Reach.

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The Beetle Generation


Young Justice Season 2, Episode 18


SUMMARY: Zatanna and Rocket abduct Blue Beetle and whisk him off to Bialya to free him from the Reach’s control.

Syd: The episode starts back on Warworld, where Black Beetle is fighting Mongul, and when Green Beetle shows up, tells him that he is disappointed he only has one opponent, which is clearly just bluster, because the two beetles working together don’t even quite overpower Mongul, they just get him into position to freeze him. So, that’s taken care of and we can reflect on what a jerk Black Beetle is. Or should we mention how Despero is still in his pod, so apparently the Justice League is fine with him staying there?


Margaret: As I must update every episode since Warworld showed up, it is still right outside of Earth and messing things up. This time, at least, it’s because we know the key is taken by Deathstroke.

Syd: It hasn’t even been a day yet, so I don’t think Warworld has done that much damage.

Margaret: Extreme weather patterns cause a lot of damage! Aquaman can only be in one place at a time! And we’ve seen that La’gaan is doing nothing! For all we know huge swaths of beachfront land is totally gone.

Syd: Are you forgetting the great hero of the seas, Orm, who is not a villain in this series? Hey, we haven’t seen him in a while. I’m sure off-camera, he’s saving so many days.

Margaret: giphy.gif

Syd: Seriously, in the season finale, Orm is going to show up and make everything right and you will regret your sass-mouth.

Anyway, now that the Reach has lost the key, they need to focus on standing guard to make sure no one USES the key, despite the fact that the Justice League is already doing that. Of course, neither the Reach nor the League trusts the other to do what they both want.


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