The Blue and the Gray


Young Justice Season 2, Episode 10

“Before the Dawn”

SUMMARY: The Team breaks aboard a ship where the Light’s alien partners – The Reach – are keeping Blue Beetle, Lagoon Boy, Impulse, and Beast Boy. There, they meet the Reach’s heavy Black Beetle, who is like Blue Beetle but bigger. Miss Martian encounters Aqualad and mindwipes him. Impulse tells Jaime about his dystopian future.

Margaret: To start the episode, we finally see the origin of Jaime’s attachment to the Blue Beetle. He’s skateboarding home when something explodes and tosses the beetle implant onto the street. When he picks it up, it bonds to him.


Syd: We know that Jaime is a rad to the max teen, because he skateboards. Unfortunately, he wakes up in the tube where he was left last episode. The flashback was all just a dream. So is he not really as tubular as his subconscious pictures him?

Margaret: Please stop talking like that.

Syd: Fine. Be square. Anyway, the aliens who have them kidnapped start talking about how the scarab is damaged and they can only access data from the past eight months. That means they know all of Jaime’s secrets – which I think includes the Konami code and the lyrics to Pink Floyd songs, if my memories of high school are accurate.

Margaret: Syd, this takes place in 2016, so there is no way he knows the Konami code unless he’s a hipster. And he probably listens to The National ironically.

Syd: The code was in a Moldy Peaches song, so he definitely knows it. Also, it was probably in Ready Player One, but I’ll never know because I’ll never read it.

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Earth-Shattering Kaboom


screenshot.pngYoung Justice Season 2, Episode 9


SUMMARY: Kaldur’ahm and his team infiltrate and explodify Mt. Justice, taking Impulse, Beast Boy, and Blue Beetle captive.

Syd: The episode begins with the defiant, rebellious Lagoon Boy imprisoned on the Manta Ship’s brig and chewing out Aqualad for betraying their King.

Margaret: It’s not just the King he’s upset about, but also the Team. He even calls Kaldur your favorite term: “Chum”.


Syd: Of course, we the audience know that Kaldur is still working with Nightwing, but he is totally willing to drug Lagoon Boy to shut him up, which is pretty sucky.

Margaret: Well, it’s more than to simply shut him up. As Black Manta quickly points out, though he has his father’s utmost approval other of the Light are more wary of him. He has to play the perfect son to gain the innermost Circle’s trust.

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A Swift Kick in the Arsenal


Young Justice Season 2, Episode 8


SUMMARY: The 15 year-old Roy Harper seeks revenge against Lex Luthor for kidnapping him and amputating his arm. Meanwhile, Rocket has her bridal shower and Wendy uses the occasion of Superboy’s birthday to flirt with him.

Syd: This episode starts in the hospital where Li’l Roy has been for the last month. He sums up what has happened in the eight years he has been missing, including the alien invasion, the Young Justice team, and Oliver’s goatee, leading to my favorite line of the series – “You don’t like the goatee?” Ollie has his priorities in order.


Margaret: One of the best and worst things about Ollie is that he’ll always go for the joke. That’s great to break the tension, but at a time like this it’s just sort of tone deaf.

Syd: He really doesn’t know how to apologize for taking in the clone, and then, when he found out that he’d been tricked, not going to look for his original partner. I’m not sure to what extent Green Arrow’s actions were at fault, and to what extent Red Arrow went above and beyond what was expected – to his own detriment.

Margaret: I can see it from both points of view. To Oliver, he did try looking for Speedy for awhile, but already believed him dead. Why would Luthor keep alive the original Speedy after getting what he wanted? To Roy, he needed to assuage his immense guilt at knowing he took over someone else’s life and then also was only created to betray the people to which he felt closest. For Speedy? He was kidnapped, experimented on and mutilated, only to be told that everyone except the person who took over his life gave up looking for him. The whole thing is messy.

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Krypton Season 1, Episode 1


SUMMARY: After thwarting a terrorist attack, Seg-El is granted a rank and house that had been denied him since his family was disgraced over his grandfather’s treasonous scientific research. He is also given a wife, which may cause friction with his secret lover, Lyta-Zod. Then his parents are killed. Then Adam Strange shows up to warn Seg about Brainiac, because those are characters whose names we know.

Syd: With Margaret in Chicago for C2E2, I decided instead of missing a week of our strictly maintained schedule, I would do something a little different. So we’re taking a break from Young Justice to watch the pilot for SYFY’s new Smallville prequel, Krypton. Now, you may think that I can’t write anything coherent about a TV show on my own and you’re probably right. So I brought in a special guest. You may know him as my cohost from Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School or from various bars around New York City. Say hello to the people, Foley.

Foley: Very excited to be here, especially right now before the show even starts. At this moment Krypton has the highest potential for greatness. Until we hit play I cannot be disappointed. That said, I for one hope to be pleasantly surprised by this interstellar period piece with no “known” DC characters to mess it up… Until like episode 3 when they bring in Hawkgirl for no reason (The reason is a love triangle).

Syd: Now, before we watch this, I have to say, this is a bad idea, right? Like, Krypton as a concept only exists to be destroyed. Right off the bat, there is the burden of creating an entire lived-in world while they are also weighed down by the established continuity of all of cosmic DC. Also, they’re going with the version of Krypton where they don’t have superpowers on Krypton. The entire time I’ll be thinking about how much better it would be if they went with the more interesting original version of Krypton where everyone was Superman.

Foley: Thanks to you I watched a LOT of Supergirl… Powers can really mess up a show.

Syd: That was the least of Supergirl’s problems. Here, if the main character is a cryptofascist, I can chalk it up to cultural differences.

Foley: …Until they do the slow cutaway to the Kryptonian Holocaust. I still can’t believe Supergirl went there.

Syd: Let’s start this up, then, and see if it’s actually offensive or just regular dumb.


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