Teen Girl Squad


Young Justice Season 2, Episode 5


SUMMARY: While Jaime looks for his missing friend Tye who ran away from home, an all-female Team goes to Bialya where they fight a Fearsome five.

Syd: So last episode ended with a shot of a Navajo character and this episode opens with a shot of an Apache character. Coincidence? Almost definitely.


Margaret: Yes, I definitely think that is a coincidence. Tye calls Jaime saying he’s sick of Maurice and he’s going to Houston. Jaime sits up and we can see there is a big blue beetle on his back like no big deal. Yikes. He tries to convince him to stay long enough for them to talk. Tye makes no promises, but moves to the statue and is immediately kidnapped.

Syd: The beetle on Jaime’s back tries to convince Jaime to let Tye go, saying that the Blue Beetle armor was intended for greater purpose. Seriously, what was with Ted Kord?

Margaret: My new theory is that he created something that definitely murdered him.

Syd: That makes perfect sense, except that given the way this beetle talks, there’s no way it didn’t take down a few bystanders along the way.

Margaret: Justice League cover up. I’m now a conspiracy theorist. I mean, they are covering up whatever it is Megan has been doing with the Kroloteans and almost certainly what she did with Psimon.


Syd: I mean, as we mentioned last time she psilobotomized someone, it isn’t really clear who knows what. Nightwing makes a point of mentioning the strange coincidence that Psimon has been in a coma since the last time he encountered Megan, but it is not made explicit what he might know or what he might suspect – and the fact that he has refrained from digging into it seemingly for five years implies that he doesn’t want the rest of the Team to know.

Margaret: This also means that he has been in a coma for five years. Holy crap, Megan.

Syd: So the main plot for this episode is that Nightwing is deploying a team to investigate unexplained Boom Tube activity in Bialya. Since the team is likely to encounter Queen Bee, Nightwing made a point of assembling an all-girl team. Batgirl points out that Dick would have no need to justify putting together an all-male team, to which Dick awkwardly ends the transmission. Batgirl quips, “Queen Bee isn’t the only person to mess with a man’s mind,” and I threw up in my mouth a little.

Margaret: And number one on the top ten list of how to tell if an episode was written by a dude: jokes about women being really great at messing with guys’ minds just for fun.

Syd: Oh, yeah, girl power. Anyway, time for a new adventure of Teen Girl Squad!



The Ugly One!

Margaret: Hey! That’s so mean. You know Megan has image issues with being a White Martian!

Syd: All right.
The Ugly One!

Margaret: Jaime goes by Tye’s home to talk to his mother. She reveals that Tye and Maurice got into another ‘one of their arguments’ and Tye left to blow off some steam. It turns out that Maurice is Tye’s mother’s abusive boyfriend. Jaime says that Tye’s not in school and he didn’t buy a ticket to Houston, so he’s just disappeared. Obviously, he’s worried but his mother seems to think he’s just run off and will come back soon. In the middle of the conversation, Maurice returns and immediately starts in on Jaime not being in school.

Syd: So the beetle detects “hostile intent” in Maurice and recommends shooting him with a plasma cannon. I guess the “built for a higher purpose” angle only applies when Jaime doesn’t want random violence. Once the the possibility of a fight is on the table, the scarab is positively giddy. I bet Ted Kord would really get along with Batman.

Margaret: Maybe that’s where he learned it from! I learned it from you, Batdad.

Syd: Back in Bialya, the Team is checking out a secret military installation. Wonder Girl is psyched to see some cool alien tech – and who wouldn’t be? – but is let down when she is assigned lookout duty, due to her complete ineptitude at stealth, which she demonstrates by responding out loud instead of psychically. Poor Cassie.


Margaret: I definitely get Cassie’s disappointment at not going into the field, but she’s been the most excitable and easily distracted in every episode and fight scene she’s been a part of. It’s a smart call to keep her out of a stealth infiltration. Though, that also makes me wonder why she was included at all.

Syd: Well, obviously, Nightwing knows that all of Young Justice’s stealth missions quickly devolve into melee, which Cassie is great at.

Margaret: That’s true! In fact, as soon as everyone disappears into the facility, a truck pulls up with a bunch of named villains – most notably Psimon. That can only be bad news. She quickly leaps to the rooftop that Batgirl was on and successfully finds Megan to let her know they can’t use their psychic link any more without being detected. Good job, Cassie! However, this is the first ten minutes of the episode, so we know that cannot last very long.


Syd: So Cassie goes to warn Bumblebee and is immediately seen by Devastation, who knocks her out of the sky. It’s bad enough that she ruined their stealth mission as everyone predicted, but she did it right after a little quip about how she could handle infiltration. Cassie doesn’t know her limitations at all.

Margaret: Tye goes to visit Tye’s grandfather, who tells him that Tye is on a vision quest that he must undertake alone. So, that makes me think he’s going to be more important to this series than just being a catalyst to the B story.


Syd: Tye’s grandfather mentions that Tye comes from a long line of Apache Chiefs. I think the writers of X-Men Origins: Wolverine should have taken note – this is the non-embarrassing way to foreshadow a superhero’s codename. The beetle, naturally, thinks that the grandfather is a waste of time and suggests they interrogate Maurice. Of course, now the beetle is really interested in Jaime’s mission to find Tye. It seems like Jaime doesn’t realize that he can get the beetle to go along with any plan by implying it will eventually lead to vaporizing someone.

Margaret: Back in Bialya, Bumblebee gets locked out of the vent she is attempting to escape out of, so she goes searching for the others. Flying by, she goes right by Batgirl, who is stuffed into a vent.


Syd: It’s kind of hilarious seeing a person stuffed in a normal sized air vent. Too bad Queen Bee didn’t special order the custom action movie variety.

Margaret: Batgirl points out that the vents connect all the hangars together as well as a chamber underneath them. They wiggle/fly their way down there to find an ancient room that now has some very modern equipment. While Bumblebee starts to admire and date the room, she turns around to find Barbara to already be gone without any word. This is exactly what Dick did to Wally when they were trying to be stealthy on their second mission.

Syd: Bruce trains people to be antisocial, I guess. Anyway, Psimon psychically incapacitates Batgirl, and I feel like I should point out that although Psimon is the bad guy, at least his psiblasts don’t leave people catatonic for years, unlike some psychics I could name.


Margaret: Icicle Jr., ever the sad sack in every episode that he is in, makes the very reasonable point that Batgirl is linked to a lot of superheroes that will come looking for her. Psimon immediately shuts him down and tries to say he can take care of anyone who comes after her.

Syd: Psimon seems to think that the Justice League aren’t a threat since they’re standing trial in space, which means either he’s a terrible long-term thinker or the Light doesn’t expect them to come back.

Margaret: Despite grandfather Longshadow’s advice, Jaime’s convinced that Maurice is a part of it and goes to investigate. He finds a shed that he attempts to infiltrate, but is tossed away by Maurice himself. Blue Beetle – ever thirsty for blood – wants Jaime to solve the problem with violence, continually trying to bring out his plasma cannon. However, it turns out that while Maurice is a scumbag, he doesn’t have Tye tied up in his shed, he only has a bunch of pirated DVDs and video games. The Blue Beetle confirms that he’s telling the truth, leaving Jaime with only dead ends and no idea of how to find his friend. From the way this episode is going, it would make sense if he was one of the runaway kids that end up in Bialya.


Syd: Speaking of Bialya, Megan takes out Shimmer and stuffs her in a barrel while Bumblebee frees Batgirl. I have to say that I really like Shimmer’s character design and I wish she had more to do. Anyway, as the bad guys load their kidnapees into an airplane, Bumblebee notes that Batgirl is their only pilot, which is fitting since she’s the only one of them who can’t fly under her own power.

Margaret: Meanwhile, Megan challenges Psimon to another psychic rematch. Psimon lets the others know that they can physically kill Megan while she’s locked in the psychic plane. So, it seems as if Psimon is able to actually double vision it? Megan only sees the psychic plane, but he sees both?

Syd: I think, although Megan is more powerful, Psimon has his own distinct talents. Icicle, Jr. physically attacks Megan, saying, “This is for breaking my heart in Bele Reve, Martian!” which I think was his attempt at sounding badass. He has no idea how sad he is.


Margaret: As I said before, Icicle Jr. is really the series’ sad sack.

Syd: Meanwhile, Bumblebee dispatches Psimon by blasting him directly on the exposed brain, which has got to be painful. Batgirl takes control of the plane, but can’t even get it out of the hangar before Mammoth rips the wings off. Wonder Girl tries to catch the plane midair, Superman style, but it’s too heavy. Megan tries to catch it telekinetically, and when she doesn’t even attempt to catch it physically was the first time I noticed that superstrength wasn’t one of her stated superpowers. I guess I just assumed that it was a standard part of her power set and it took me this long to actually think about what the limits of her powers are. Weird.


Margaret: Megan does generally use telekinesis rather than her own strength to try and do things. I thought it would be something more like the ‘Do or do not, Luke, there is no try’ for mental things, but there is a limit on mental strength, it seems! Instead, she calls the bioship, who melds a claw to pick up the plane and then fly it and everyone else to safety. A secret spy mission did, however, end up turning into a slugfest, so it really is good that Cassie was there!

Syd: They wraps the episode up with Nightwing giving the Team a pat on the back for saving some lives – despite the mission getting out of control. There is a recap to remind the audience that we still don’t know who the Light’s partner is for whom they are kidnapping people. Then Queen Bee reveals that they had another batch of kidnapees who were not rescued and as luck would have it they are all members of the Super Friends – including Tye.



Margaret: I really like the fact that there is an all lady team that also cements Wonder Girl’s character and strengths. This is despite that hooooorrrrible line that sets this all up. Unfortunately, the mission they’re on is a bit lackluster and seems to be more a placeholder that is setting up later events. Much like Jaime’s whole plot. It gave us more insight into the Beetle, but it didn’t actually…go anywhere. I’d give this a B-/C+.

Syd: I’m going with a B. It was an entertaining episode, despite its flaws and it establishes some interesting ideas and characters for them to play with later. Maybe I should rate it lower, considering this episode felt more like setup, but the interplay between Megan, Karen, Babs, and Cassie put it a bit above the third episode.

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