The Worst Birthday Ever


Young Justice Season 1, Episode 20


SUMMARY: While the Justice League is occupied fighting a team of ice-powered villains, it is up to Kid Flash to deliver a heart to an ailing Queen. However, Vandal Savage and Count Vertigo are trying to stop the organ transplant from happening.

Syd: Those of you who have been reading this blog and know what we think of Wally will know how much we were looking forward to this – a whole episode of his own.


Margaret: UUUUGHHHHHH!! Not to mention, who the hell sets an alarm for 7:16 on their 16th birthday unless they are a total jerk?

Syd: My theory: His clock is set 15 minutes fast so that he isn’t late for school. Then he sets the alarm 16 minutes late because he’s an idiot.

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