Mind Games

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Young Justice Season 1, Episode 9


SUMMARY: Awakening in the desert with no memory of the past six months, the team must regroup to take on the psychic menace of Psimon.

Margaret: Everyone loves a good amnesia episode. It reveals character dynamics and brings things to light that wouldn’t otherwise have happened because they don’t remember what they’re supposed to keep secret. Usually, it happens later on in a series once everyone is established, but I like how they handle it in this episode.

Syd: Well, they didn’t erase that much of their memories – just enough that Artemis didn’t remember to avoid Wally.

Margaret: And to reduce Superboy into a mindless ball of anger. I like that it basically broke them down to how they were before they were on a team together, which also shows how much they’ve grown having known each other.

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