Welcome to Young Justice, Artemis. Hope You Survive the Experience!

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Young Justice Season 1, Episodes 5 & 6


SUMMARY: Superman denies paternity to Superboy, leading to a dispute with Batman. Will it end in a Kramer v. Kramer style legal battle? No, it will lead to Superboy fighting robot monkeys, which is better than anything Dustin Hoffman has ever done.

Syd:  This episode is about sublimating the frustration that comes from parental abandonment and finding productive outlets for your anger. Also, robot monkeys.

Margaret: I’ve said previously about how Superboy is a more interesting character than Superman, and that still holds true. However, this episode just showed me that just because you’re more interesting doesn’t make you any less of an idiot that will cause me to yell at the screen.

Syd:  The action starts in Metropolis, where a suspension cable on a bridge snaps, sending a school bus veering off the edge. There are so many safety issues in this city. The roads and bridges are completely unsafe. I think that they hire incompetent air traffic controllers, because there are way more plane crashes over Metropolis than any other major city. Also, I don’t know what causes this problem, but they should do something about how many meteoroids are attracted there.

Margaret: Much like how if you live in any sort of movie that involves superheroes or large machines, you should never live in Manhattan because you know it’s going to be systematically targeted and blown up. It’s a wonder that anyone really lives in Metropolis any more except for the people who can’t move away.

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