Zod Damn It

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Syd: With the first season of Supergirl done, I decided that we should watch Superman II, which I hadn’t seen in years. Even having forgotten most of what happened in this movie, I had noticed several references to it in Supergirl, even though this movie does not feature and really has nothing at all to do with Supergirl. The movie and the TV show shared the character of Jimmy Olsen, who is a main character on the show and in the movie technically has a speaking role. The show’s main villain Non is also in the movie and against all odds has fewer lines than Jimmy.

Margaret: I had watched one of the Superman movies awhile ago and all I had remembered about it was that it involved Superman flying so fast that he turned back time and I wanted to know if it was this movie.

Syd: Well, yes and no, but we’ll get to it. I should note that we watched the director’s cut because neither of us had seen this movie the way the Richard Donner intended it. I have to say that despite the movie being stripped of Richard Lester’s comedy beats, I still had a very hard time taking it seriously. Actually, it would have seemed much more legitimate as a film if it had at least one musical number with the Beatles.

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