Finale, Finally

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SUMMARY: Supergirl breaks Non’s hypnotic spell by broadcasting platitudes to the citizens of National City. Supergirl and J’onn confront the Fort Rozz prisoners and end up killing everybody. Kara is rewarded with a promotion and a new boyfriend.

Syd: Welcome to Tales from the Krypton, where I am broken. Fuck this show. We just watched episode 20, the season finale, and I want to burn something. The episode starts where the last one ended, with Alex and Kara locked in mortal combat.

Margaret: This show has done nothing to improve its choreography. I guess they are both limited by the fact that Kara is supposed to be super strong and super fast and the budget. They can’t have a lot of special effects, but it really does hurt them when they build up to a big fight and it just feels lackluster.

Syd: I know we mentioned it last episode, but Alex’s Kryptonite Battle Armor is the dumbest fucking costume in the world.

Margaret: The way they break Alex out of mind control also is just so stupid. J’onn flies Eliza in to talk her out of Myriad, again making him basically just work as a mind blocker. Eliza tells Alex how Jeremiah always believed her to be the strongest out of all of them and that she could break out of this. I don’t advocate for the killing of characters lightly, but it would actually have been more interesting if Alex killed Eliza.

Syd: This has got to be the most ineffective mind control I have ever seen. People can just think their way out of it? How was Non expecting to take over the world when anyone could just hope hard enough and have his hold broken? Does the transmitter stop sending signals after the effect is broken? Is there a possibility of people’s minds being retaken over? I mean, this is supposed to be a scientific device that targets human brains, not a magic spell that stops working when you disbelieve the illusion.

Margaret: Part of me wishes they would have just given a pseudo-science answer. Something along the lines of, “The rush of endorphins caused by thinking about Jeremiah or seeing the S is fighting against whatever it is that Myriad does to control the brain.” However, they also attempted that by explaining how Clark was effected by saying it was because of Earth Kindergarten and I was annoyed at the ridiculousness of it. So, I may just be at the point where nothing they can do in that area will appease me.

Syd: It’s not that I want a pseudoscience explanation, I just want the writers to be aware of their limitations. If they had said the mind control was a magic spell, I would be fine with it being broken this way.

Margaret: Alex forced J’onn to take her to a city she knew would be doing its best to mind control her. It crippled J’onn and caused her to be used as a pawn against Supergirl. The show decided to break her out as opposed to exposing her decision as a terrible one that actually worked against the good of everyone. For Alex to have to come to terms with the idea that her decisions have consequences would be interesting to see.
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The Only Way to be Sure

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SUMMARY: Everyone in National City is hypnotized by Non, except for Supergirl, Cat Grant, and Maxwell Lord. Lord proposes they drop a bomb on the city, but Supergirl has her own plan, which she may not be able to implement if she is killed by a mind-controlled Alex.

Syd: Welcome to Episode 19 of Tales from the Krypton, where if you liked this episode, you can enjoy the rest of it next week.

Margaret: But if you didn’t like this episode, I’m pretty sure you’re not going to like the second half.

Syd: Well, in that case, at least the season is almost over. You’re so pessimistic, like one of those people who didn’t think Zack Snyder was going to fix the problems with Man of Steel in his next movie.

Margaret: No, I’m like Maxwell Lord. I have a practical solution for things.

Syd: So you think we should nuke CBS?

Margaret: Not nuke, just set off a bomb that would destroy 8% of CBS. The rest of them would be fine.
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When Barry Met Kara

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SUMMARY: After developing sonic powers, Siobhan breaks Livewire out of her holding cell to get revenge against Cat and Kara. However, first they will have to go through both Supergirl and the Flash, who accidentally ran onto this world.

Margaret: Welcome to Tales from the Krypton, Episode 18. We just watched the Flash’s crossover with Supergirl and, as I have often seen before, the Flash brings out the best in the characters he interacts with.

Syd: I know that nerds are supposed to love crossovers, but I have to confess that I am predisposed against them. Too often in comics, the crossover issues only serve to delay or divert the series for the sake of a story that just isn’t as entertaining as what I was reading the series for in the first place. In Supergirl in particular, if there is a crossover or a tie-in, it tends to be the worst story of the year, unless there are two crossover/tie-in stories, in which case they are the two worst stories of the year. That being said, this episode was easily the best episode of the series.

Margaret: I have been apprehensive, but excited about this episode for weeks. In the other two Berlanti shows I have seen – Arrow and The Flash – whenever Oliver Queen and Barry Allen interact with each other, it always brings out the best in Oliver Queen. It seems like whenever you have Barry in the same room as someone else, he always elevates the conversation and the other character, because he believes so much in other people that he can’t help but enhance the series. So, whenever there was a crossover with the Arrow, I always really enjoyed it because it always brought levity to an otherwise “dark” series that dealt with a lot of death and difficult choices, and while it would still deal with that, they would see it from Barry’s point of view, where he would make Oliver reexamine his choices and realize that there were better ways to do things. Oliver also got Barry to not always rely on his powers, so it was good all around. I was hoping going into Supergirl that Barry would bring the same thing to Kara Danvers and to Supergirl and I am so relieved that’s exactly what he did.

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