Hack the Planet!

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SUMMARY: Indigo, a Brainiac-descended alien with Internet-related powers, threatens to nuke National City. Lucy dumps James after his ill-timed excursion with Kara to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. Siobhan makes out with Winn for no discernable reason.

Margaret: Welcome to Tales from the Krypton. We just watched Episode 15 of Supergirl, where despite threatening to blow up a city, which would apparently destroy the planet, the only interesting thing that happens is that Lucy breaks up with James.

Syd: Instead of events, they had a lot of references.

Margaret: I think what they were trying to do was create the false impression that there was a lot on the line. They bring in somebody who is going to nuke the city, despite the fact that it was obviously never going to happen. It’s a false premise.

Syd: You could say that about any action movie. There’s always a threat to motivate the hero, but you know the hero is going to find some way to avert it. Usually the interesting part is how the hero overcomes the threat, but this episode instead felt like it was using the high-stakes threat to pad the runtime.

Margaret: You can have something that is threatening the city that is very important and the main plot point as opposed to a nuke blowing up the city being one of the most minor plot points of this episode. The only reason it had to be a nuke is it had to be the most dangerous thing possible.

Syd: I think they wanted the action to have high stakes because the part of the episode that loyal fans would actually care about is very low key. They should have had confidence that the characters’ relationships could have held our interest without throwing a nuclear missile into the mix.

Margaret: They had to go with nukes because if they say that someone is going to nuke National City there is no other explanation necessary. I actually kind of like that, because then you can spend all of the other time on the character stuff, which they wanted to pile on in this episode.

Syd: I don’t think that’s the case at all. Only one thing happened this episode and they padded the rest of the time with the inconsequential and nonsensical Indigo plot.

Margaret: Really? This entire episode was the break up of James and Lucy. Just about every scene was doing that and there were just a handful that weren’t and that was when they were doing Winn finally getting some, which was three scenes, if that, and they were short.

Syd: That’s completely untrue. They had the scenes between Indigo and Non, the scenes of Indigo threatening Catco and Kara’s friends, the explanation of Indigo’s origin, Kara averting a car crash, Indigo breaking into the army base, all of the DEO scenes, the climactic battle, and Kara actually stopping the nuke, which went on for a while. There were way more DEO scenes than relationship scenes. The vast majority of this episode was spent doing things that this show doesn’t do well.

Margaret: Which is the DEO.

Syd: That’s putting way too fine a point on it. Covert ops is one of many things this show doesn’t do well. It’s nice when they put forth the effort to give Winn something to do, but the scenes between him and Siobhan were really sloppily done. Also, they spent too long pretending to treat the villains as if they’re actual people. This show should not be trying to develop its villains as characters if it can’t be bothered to give them coherent motivations.

Margaret: Definitely in the past, they have not at all, and I feel like in this episode they were starting to try to get into the right area, but it’s a weird course correction for them.

Syd: I didn’t say they weren’t trying to develop the villains. Obviously, they spent a lot of time doing it. I was saying they shouldn’t because they are really bad at it. Maybe they should take some creative writing courses and practice character development before they actually go to air with this half-baked bullshit. Until then, I don’t want to see it.

So we start in the Phantom Zone with a scene that is setting up a revelation in the climactic scene, which I think they thought would be pretty momentous and give us something to chew on, but it wasn’t and it didn’t. It was clear that they thought it would have some impact, because this was how they chose to start the episode.

Margaret: They were also trying to remind us of Kara’s origin story. They mention that her pod got knocked off course in the opening recaps, but they don’t mention that it was in the Phantom Zone. It was their way of saying, “Oh, hey, remember she was in the Phantom Zone and the entire reason the Phantom Zone prisoners are on Earth is because of her pod? Yeah, that happened.”

Syd: That’s like later in the episode when Hank is sparring with Alex and he shapeshifts in the middle of it for no reason. It was their way of saying, “Hey, remember? He’s an alien.”

Margaret: Also, “We had some effects budget to blow.”

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Syd: Also, “Hey, people who read comics, here’s something you recognize! This makes you like us, right?”

Then, Alex brings Kara pastries, but not crullers and Kara is having none of that.

Margaret: She loves crullers.

Syd: I was just thinking about how entitled she sounded in the recap when she was incensed at being called “Assistant #2” and neither of these things is a big deal, but they really should space out the instances of her acting like a baby when she doesn’t get her way so I don’t think, “Quit whining. Your life isn’t that bad.”

Margaret: I thought that, too. “Your sister brought you doughnuts.” A couple of things bothered me about this scene. They have an argument about why Kara can’t go back to the D.E.O., because Hank Henshaw killed Astra and she says, “I don’t kill people!”

Syd: Yes she does!

Margaret: She killed someone just last episode!

Syd: Whoever wrote this episode seems to think that Supergirl doesn’t kill or doesn’t think of herself as killing. Maybe this episode was written before the last one or maybe Trapper Keeper survived last episode and is just permanently disabled? But she’s been using lethal force since the first episode, so even if nobody died from injuries sustained in battle with her – which they have – it’s not from her lack of trying.

Margaret: Maybe they’re saying that the people she’s killed weren’t actually people.

Syd: That’s the scariest option.

Margaret: There are a lot of options.

Syd: She might not think of her victims as people, because she hasn’t killed humans, except for whoever was in any buildings she destroyed and she never saw them die.

Margaret: So therefore her conscience is technically clear.

Syd: That’s so creepy!

Margaret: And then, moving on from that, she says she wants to be her own Supergirl. I think, “Yes, that’s exactly what you should be. Get away from the DEO. This is just a really stupid reason for you not to be involved with the DEO.”

Syd: A lot of things in comics happen for stupid reasons. I’ve seen this often, where they want to move the series forward and they’ll have one stupid issue to explain why the status quo has changed and you’ll groan at it, but then going forward, you’ll realize the series is better. If they had stuck with this idea that she has to be her own Supergirl, I would have accepted it.

Margaret: I would have been okay with it, too, as it shows that she’s pretty capable without the DEO and with only James and Lucy on her side. In fact, they have an entire scene illustrating that they found out the exact same information at the exact same time. So, the only thing she is gaining from the DEO is classified information to shut down a nuclear warhead – which I would hope they would give her no matter what in order to ensure that National City isn’t nuked. There doesn’t seem to be any practical reason why she actually needs to be a DEO Agent.

Syd: Alex still isn’t telling Supergirl that she killed Astra, which is weird, because in the last episode before they get interrupted by the funeral, Alex was about to. She was cut off in mid-sentence and now she refuses to say anything.

Margaret: Well, Alex, we have seen multiple times, is a character that doesn’t actually have a character other than being kind of terrible. She just does whatever the plot needs her to do. And most of the time it is to be a crappy character. It’s kicking through a door you have a key to to show you’re a badass. It’s to guilt trip a person you consider a father figure to both remind the audience of his tragedy and make him feel like he should act. It’s to kill someone and lie about it so there’s a rift because it’s what she’s trained to do.

Syd: By the way, she does specifically say at the end of the episode that’s what she was trained to do and that little lightbulb should go off in her head that says, “Hey, I was trained to do that by Hank Henshaw. Maybe I shouldn’t trust this Hank Henshaw guy who trained me to kill.” If she feels so bad about killing, you’d think that she would, at the very least, swear off killing. At most, she would decide that she couldn’t work with Hank any more.

Margaret: Yes. This is what happens in Arrow. After a season of him killing people he has been told are terrible people and deserve justice that won’t come from the police, he realizes he can’t keep doing that. His best friend dies in front of him and he turns over a new leaf. After that he doesn’t kill again. When he does, or when he even considers killing someone, it becomes at least an episode-long plot point. And this is for their ‘dark series.’

Syd: If that happens for Alex, I won’t actually care. I think it’s too late for me to care about her.

Margaret: I feel like the only two characters I actually care about are James and Cat.

Syd: It’s Lucy and Jimmy for me, that’s it.

Margaret: I like Lucy. Okay, I will care about what happens to her, but I still love Cat. Also, because Kara’s the main character, I will care about her well being, but she’s so close to Alexhood. She has done so many terrible things and doesn’t care. She is someone who doesn’t think that she can be wrong. If that doesn’t change, even though she’s the main character, I will have to write her off.

Syd: Changing her M.O. will take a horrible episode. They will have to have something horrible happen, then she will undergo character growth, but they won’t really address why nobody noticed that she has been a terrible person the whole time. I will hate that episode.

Margaret: But, as you said previously, if you have to hate that one episode to make the rest of the series better, I am on board. I want this series to be good. I want to like Supergirl, but I feel like they’re too far off the path unless somehow at the end of this season they entirely implode the DEO. If they do that, then I could continue watching, because that is the only thing they could do that would be interesting to see what they do with that situation.

Syd: The next scene is at Catco, where the show wants us to hate Siobhan so much. They keep writing her as a horrible person, but she is not as horrible as the people that they want us to like.

Margaret: I don’t think they want to make her a horrible person, otherwise they wouldn’t pair her with Winn. So, I think they were trying to make her a hard ass character. That makes sense about why she was competing with Kara, because as an ambitious character, she has no reason to care about her. They’re competing for the same job and Kara has shown herself as incompetent and absent. Now that they’re trying to show a softer side to her in a weird way to get her to make out with Winn…

Syd: They start out the episode with her being uncharacteristically mean to everyone. It’s not like she was nice in the last episode, but she wasn’t walking around insulting everyone to their faces.

Margaret: She was tactful, if passive aggressive.

Syd: Right, she was just passive aggressive before. I guess they thought that people weren’t going to get that she is supposed to be mean unless she’s personally insulting to everyone she talks to. Then, she gets angry at a copy machine so she breaks down to Winn about her father cheating on her mother. It comes completely out of nowhere.

Margaret: It didn’t make any sense. The only thing I could think of was that she was drunk at work.

Syd: Actually, if she was drunk, that would explain that whole episode.

Margaret: She saw that her father was on the Ashley Madison website, which brought back all these terrible memories, so she got drunk in the interim.

Syd: We haven’t even mentioned the hacked website yet. Just to keep the flow going, there is an Ashley Madison website that was hacked and her father was one of the people whose information was on it. Moving on, if she was coping with her father being on this website by being visibly drunk at the office, that would actually explain everything that she did in this episode.

Margaret: It’s the only reason I could think of for why she would fight with a copier and then blurt out how she feels for no other discernible reason.

Syd: Over and over in this episode, they have a character just say how she feels. “I feel so sad right now.” “I felt guilty about this.”

Margaret: It’s the continued tell don’t show that they do. They don’t feel like it’s obvious enough if they don’t say it out loud.

Syd: They have to have Siobhan be mean, but also feel a connection with Winn, which they had to force because there’s no logical reason why these two people should connect at all.

Margaret: I could see it as an opposites thing. They’re both very intense people about different things. Once they got past the fact that the superficial things they’re interested in are separate, I could see that being an interesting pairing. It just depends on where they go with it. We’re in it for the shipping!

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Syd: I just have a problem with this being so abrupt. I said in the last entry that if they would treat Siobhan as an actual person, I think she would be a great addition to the cast. This might be their attempt to find a niche for her, but if you’re going to throw her in a relationship with Winn, you don’t do that in her second episode. You want to build it up, let the audience know who this character is and then they can say, “Oh, I see how those two fit together.” Instead, they have nothing in common but it’s clear that they’re going to get together because they keep throwing them in scenes together and then she kisses him out of nowhere and threatens to kill him. That scene was cute, except that in this show, it’s entirely possible that she will end up killing Winn.

Margaret: They were framing her in the last episode as if she was an antagonist who happens to be listening in on random conversations. Now, in this episode, they’ve abandoned all of that.

Syd: They abandoned her sole defining characteristic, yes.

Margaret: Instead, they’ve thrown her at Winn. I guess that’s fine?

Syd: Cat has refused to publish the names of the people on this website. Good for her.

Margaret: As she has been throughout most of the season, she is the moral compass.

Syd: My theory is that when they write lines for Cat, they call up an adult and ask her what she would say, then they add in pop culture references.

So, the hacker – and since we know the show, we know it’s an alien – instead of going to a different media outlet, decides to broadcast herself on Catco’s closed circuit TVs, which is consistent with her M.O., because nothing she does for the whole episode makes sense. She calls herself Indigo, because that’s what color she is, and she is apparently Brainiac’s Great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter.

Margaret: Oh! Is that what Brainiac the Eighth was? That makes far more sense! I thought they meant Brainiac’s Eighth as in his Eighth in command!

Syd: She’s his descendant. So, either she’s from the future, or Brainiac is long dead in this continuity.

Margaret: She could be from the future.

Syd: The little robot guy says she’s from the Brainiac Clan, which means that either in this reality Brainiac wasn’t the last of his kind, as he was when he was introduced in Action Comics, or that he was the last of his kind and started a family that is now eight generations in.

Margaret: Or, Brainiac will show up because they kill Indigo and therefore actually be the last of his kind.

Syd: I’m pretty sure they’re using Indigo in Brainiac’s place because Brainiac was going to be used in a movie at some point, so they couldn’t use actual Brainiac.

Margaret: We have seen multiple times how Movie DC has totally messed with TV DC.

Syd: She could have just been called Indigo and been a completely separate kind of alien as opposed to bringing up Brainiac (my favorite Cary Grant movie). They made a point to mention Brainiac without showing him.

Margaret: Yeah, I don’t know. I mean, they make a point of bringing her up as linked to Brainiac, which was weird.

Syd: Indigo gives a speech about how computers control everything and is this the nineties again? Are we doing the virtual reality cyber space stuff?

Margaret: We’re doing the TV version of that Sandra Bullock movie: The Net.


Syd: This is basically a nineties cyber thriller. It’s kind of weird that we remember this genre at all, it’s twice as creepy that whoever made this show decided to do one themselves.

Margaret: It’s like they saw The Net, they saw Hackers and said, “I want to do an episode of that.”

Syd: As a sidenote, how does a species evolve Internet powers, especially ones compatible with computers on another planet? That is weird, because they make it seem as if her Internet connectivity is an inborn thing.

Margaret: Well, they did say that she knows everything. So, therefore, she IS the Internet. That is just who she is. Next, she’ll be speaking in L33T speak.

Syd: No, on Krypton the Internet is in bad television dialogue.

Margaret: That makes so much sense about this episode now.

Syd: So, she comes through the computer and attacks Winn and she threatens to skin Supergirl’s friends and I don’t understand how that would accomplish any of her goals. I know bad guys kill people, but why does she actually want to kill these people?

Margaret: I think her mission statement is the same thing from what we were saying before in the recap. She is one of those people who wants mayhem for mayhem’s sake.


Syd: Hack the Planet, got it. She’s Zero Cool. Why doesn’t she have a skateboard?

Margaret: She just wants to kill everybody and hack everything. There doesn’t seem to be a rational reason for her to do that, it’s just what she does as an evil computer being. She wants her and the Kryptonians to be the only ones alive on the planet, and I guess there’s no other reasons necessary.

Syd: Then, the DEO busts in to save Kara from Indigo. She kicks them out saying, “I’ve got this far on my own.” I just want to say, “No you didn’t.” Once again, if this was their way of splitting her from the DEO, I would have been fine with it, but the fact is that they didn’t have any intention of keeping her out and they have her saying something like that, which everyone knows isn’t true. It seems really disingenuous and manipulative.

Afterward, we have a man proposing to a woman. These are two characters we’ve never seen before. Or have we? Because the man addresses her as Mattie and so we know that this is Mattie Harcourt and Wendell Sharpe.

Margaret: You know this. I don’t know either of these people.

Syd: Mattie Harcourt is Supergirl’s best friend.

Margaret: Awww.

Syd: Well, she can’t be used in the series now. They’ve already set up who her friends are. It’s not like there is a place for her on the series. It would have been awesome if from the beginning they had decided, “Hey, in the comics she has a black woman who happens to be a doctor who is her best friend. That would be a great character to use in our series.” It’s way too late to do that now.

Margaret: Unless they kill some people we don’t like and then bring her back in. I’d be cool with this.

Syd: It’s just dumb, because I’m exactly who they were trying to impress by having that moment, but the message I get is: “We are aware of this character who you love who is never going to be on this series again.” It should be noted that this was a very reference-heavy episode. We’ve had episodes before where they made a lot of references to comics, but this was the first time a significant amount of them were from Supergirl series. I don’t know who they were for, since anyone who was watching this show expecting it to be anything like any Supergirl comics series would have given up on it long ago. Maybe there was a Supergirl fan on the writing staff who has just now managed to slip some Supergirl references onto this Supergirl TV show.
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Margaret: So, then, they move on from that reference that only serves to anger people who actually know the Supergirl comics to talking about Myriad without actually saying what the hell Myriad actually is. This is a huge pet peeve of mine because there’s no one else listening. It’s two people who know the plan, they don’t have to dance around what it is and what it isn’t. Indigo can just say, “Your plan to laminate the entire planet in order to preserve it will never work, Non. We’ll never get enough sealant.”

Syd: Well, Indigo does give a hint about it when she says to Non that Astra’s plan of living alongside the humans was never going to work. So, Astra never planned to kill the humans. We don’t know what her plan was, but they seem to actually be pulling the twist that it was completely innocuous well after it would make any difference. They had that twist in mind and then decided that it would be more shocking if Astra was killed. Then, they thought, “We had this twist written on this whiteboard, what are we going to do with that? Oh throw it in somewhere.”

Margaret: And now it seems as if Non is continuing through with Astra’s plan, since he was against Indigo wanting to kill all the humans. He wants to finish Myriad in memory of Astra to show everyone the true Astra plan. So, he’s the good guy? Except that he wants to kill Kara. Not as understandable before, but now that she was part of the crew that killed his wife it actually makes sense.

Syd: And he was never the bad guy.

Margaret: As this scene was happening all I could think was, “What the fuck are you trying to say with this plot now?” It’s just a convoluted mess.

Syd: So, then, the DEO recruits Winn because he’s the best Python programmer in the world. And, at first I thought, “Wait, Indigo uses Python?” Then, later on in the episode, when he’s hacking, he said he had to learn an alien coding language, and it is fucking insane to be able to learn even an Earth language in a day. They have government resources. None of the government code crackers are as good as Winn? Then, why the hell is Winn working for a magazine as an IT guy? The government knows he is the best code cracker on the planet!

Margaret: Yeah, why haven’t they tried to hire him before?

Syd: It was weird that they wanted him for his Python skills because, as they established later, she doesn’t run on Python.


Margaret: They were just throwing out a coding language much like they were throwing out comic references.

Syd: He does actual computer Internets!

Margaret: He computers!

Syd: Then, Jimmy takes Kara to the Fortress of Solitude. This is mostly an excuse to throw in a whole bunch of references to Superman comics. I’m of two minds on that. I think they were mostly cute, harmless things, but there were a couple of details that annoyed me because if you’re establishing that these things exist in this reality, then this reality should look completely different, the same way that this world should be affected by the public knowing that there are super powered aliens living among them. Time travel exists, Superman went to the future at some point, Kara and Jimmy know about it and I guess they could go back. The Legion of Superheroes left a ring with them. Time travel is a thing in this reality.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 11.27.53 PM.png

Margaret: I think what they might have been trying to do involves the Flash. I’m not sure when they decided to have him cross over to the show in this season, but maybe they’re trying to link it. In The Flash, Barry has traveled to the past and to alternate timelines. So, if he really is going to be on an episode, that links these two worlds and means that, yes, time travel exists. In fact, we saw Supergirl in one of the recent episodes when he was traveling through the speed canon. Or the time tunnel, I forget what they called it.

Syd: The Boom Tube. The TARDIS. Now I’m just throwing out comic book words. The Gravitronic Astrocollider.

Margaret: The Rainbow Bridge! So, I think that they’re either foreshadowing that, or they just had it there as a blatant reference. Neon sign! Comic Book Reference!

Syd: Thing That You Recognize!

Margaret: I can’t tell which it is. Either they’re subtly linking it to The Flash, or they don’t give a fuck and are just showing random shit they think comic book people will flip out about.

Syd: I’m sure if I look it up right now, there is a blog writing up every comic book reference and they are super excited.

Margaret: So, then they have the really cute scene between James and Kara after they have figured out that Indigo is from the Brainiac clan. James tells her that she can’t fight Indigo on her own, she needs help. And she tells him, “I’m not alone, I’m with you.” It was a really sweet and genuine moment.

Syd: Jimmy is totes adorbs.

Margaret: It was totes adorbs even though I’m Team Lucy. I like them as friends and partners. When she’s saying, “I’m not alone.” It’s, “You – as my friend – are here to support me.” I love that.

Syd: I think that moment would have been better if it hadn’t have been carrying that undercurrent of, “This is why you should be my boyfriend.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 11.30.12 PM.png

Margaret: I completely agree. I didn’t read it that way at first, because she was still trying to help keep Lucy and James together. She’s saying this as a friend and appreciating him as a supporter, not as a lover. I liked that.

Syd: Then, leading up to the climax, Jimmy apologizes to Lucy because he missed their dinner date to in order to go to the Fortress of Solitude. Lucy doesn’t take it well, so Kara explains to Lucy how great Jimmy is by telling her a completely unrelated anecdote about Jimmy’s father. It was weird for several reasons. It was weird that Kara brought it up at all. It was weird that Jimmy never told Lucy this story. It was weird that Jimmy told Kara this story. At the time he told the story, he was still in denial about his feelings for Kara and you would think, if this was something he was actively hiding from everyone, he would have a moment where he would say, “I can’t believe I told you that, I haven’t even told my girlfriend that story.” At the time there was no indication that this was even a private moment.

Margaret: I think the problem was that at the time he was explaining and connecting to Kara at a time when she felt vulnerable because she lost her powers. It would have been a little weird to insert that line at that moment. For some reason, I remember him ending the conversation a little abruptly about it, but I never thought he never told Lucy that story. It seems like a revisionist sort of thing.

This is in addition to the fact that the story Kara brought up is very strange. I know she was actually trying to help, but you don’t talk about how awesome is James is to a woman who feels like she’s playing second fiddle to a superhero. You tell Lucy how awesome SHE is and that James is lucky to have HER.

Syd: Right, if Lucy is worried that Jimmy is spending too much time with Kara, Kara’s tactic shouldn’t be, “Boy, James sure is swell.”

Margaret: Though Lucy doesn’t know that Kara is Supergirl, she should really think about what she’s saying.

Syd: She’s never done that.

Margaret: I feel a little bad about it, because Kara was actually trying, but she was really bad at it.

Syd: And then the climactic scene happens. Indigo breaks into a military base.

Margaret: I just have to speak to the fact that there is no way that a base with nuclear capabilities that was specifically stated as being off the grid would allow anyone into the secure command facility with their smartphone. That’s insanity.

Syd: Also, how would the personal information of everyone who was on this Ashley Madison website have gained her entry to this base any faster than she actually ended up getting on to it? It was revealed that was why she was trying to leak the information about the website, but really all she accomplished was alerting people who could stop her to her presence.

Margaret: That’s right. They never actually did what she wanted them to do, so she shouldn’t have been able to get what she wanted.

Syd: Provided that leaking this information would have helped, which I don’t think it would have.

Margaret: You would think she would have all the information she needed, as a website like Ashley Madison would make you fill out all your credit card information, which would include your billing address and phone number. If you are the internet, you should probably already know all of this already.

Syd: Exactly, there’s no reason for her to leak this information.

Margaret: It doesn’t make any sense.

Syd: Nothing she does at all in this episode makes any sense, is what I’m saying.

Margaret: This is true.

Syd: So, she breaks in and Alex says, “I wish Kara was here.” What would Kara have done? They already have the best code cracker in the world. He stands such a better chance of beating her than Kara does. It seemed to me that they had the situation as well in hand as they possibly could. I think if they needed someone to actually fly out and stop a nuke, they have someone who can fly out and stop a nuke. In fact, they have multiple people.

Margaret: J’onn could have done it.

Syd: I was hinting at J’onn. Even if people say he couldn’t do it because he didn’t want to reveal that he was a Martian, even then, they could have called anyone else who could have done it.

Margaret: It made no sense why it had to be Supergirl, but luckily Supergirl was already there!

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 11.40.34 PM.png

Syd: Also, why is Indigo launching nukes?

Margaret: Why not?

Syd: It’s implied that she wants to exterminate the human race, but she’s apparently on the Internet and she doesn’t like being stuck on Candy Crush? That is what we are given as her motivation. But, if what she really wants is to be back on an alien computer system, then shouldn’t she be trying to get into outer space, not trying to destroy Earth? If it’s not possible for her to get to outer space, then destroying humans would only limit her capabilities. It wouldn’t actually help her.

Margaret: I think what they were trying to say is that she and the Brainiacs were the computers of Krypton. So, she and the Brainiacs were kind of there to serve the Kryptonians, I guess? She thinks that Astra’s plan isn’t going to work, so therefore she is going to destroy the humans, leaving only the Kryptonians therefore the Kryptonians will take over the world and she will be their computer again.

Syd: If that’s the case, then why the hell are the Kryptonians on Earth? What do they care about Earth?

Margaret: I don’t know. They should just go to Mars. It makes no sense. And also, the fight choreography just made me miss Lexi Alexander from last week.

Syd: Lexi Alexander is actually a very capable director.

Margaret: And her filming the fight choreography was fantastic. When I was pulling stills from the last episode, everything I pulled looked gorgeous. I didn’t see the same sort of quality in this episode.

Syd: This episode we got stretchy arms, though. That was the best thing in the episode. This is not even a reference to any comic books I have seen. It only exists to look stupid.

Margaret: So, as we all knew would happen, Supergirl works with Hank again, stops the nuke which drops into a body of water – this means there’s still radioactive material in their water now.

Syd: Oh yeah, there’s still a nuclear warhead right next to National City.

Margaret: They should kind of fix that?

Syd: I’m sure they’ll take care of it between episodes. But, even disarming the nuke doesn’t take care of everything. So Winn Independence Days Indigo!


He said he programmed a computer virus, and I hope he was just being facetious and that’s not actually how he stopped her, because come on!

Margaret: She probably has anti-virus software. Though, apparently, Non is the one with the anti-virus software, as he’s able to reconstitute her somehow.

Syd: Well, he collected her body parts.

Margaret: Gross.

Syd: You saw her in pieces on his desk!

Margaret: I did! But, still, gross. And then comes the moment that is supposed to be a big moment of her telling Kara that the only reason she’s on Earth today is because Indigo programmed the pod to come to Earth.

Syd: My reaction to that: So?

Margaret: I mean, I understand where Kara would feel a little guilty of the fact that the only reason she made it to Earth was because of Indigo, but Indigo programmed Kara’s pod to land on Earth for her own selfish gain.

Syd: Yes. Also, she set all these criminals free on Earth who stuck around for a decade for some reason.

Margaret: So, I think what she’s really saying is that it’s Kara’s fault they’re all there.

Syd: I guess? It’s just a weird moment where they were trying to treat this as a big reveal to explain Indigo’s purpose for being on the show and what they revealed was that there really wasn’t a reason. Everything was sufficiently explained without her.

Margaret: They were trying to do that thing where they were giving her a reason for Kara to feel guilty about the fact that she was being rewritten. But, it didn’t make any sense because it didn’t seem like it had a lasting impact, nor did it actually change anything. So, then we go from there to the break up scene.

Syd: This is the only thing that happened in the episode. We talked for a long time about an episode where only one thing happened and now we have reached the point where the one thing happens. Lucy tells Jimmy that it is over between them because he’s in love with Kara and Kara feels the same way.

Margaret: I mean, James has admitted to Bizarro that he was in love with Kara. We know for a fact that it’s true, so we can’t say anything about it. Him denying it would be disingenuous and make us dislike James as a character. As he’s one of the few good characters on this show, we know that’s not going to happen. So, he just says nothing.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 11.47.55 PM.png

Syd: The show has been dragging them in this direction because of the Red String of Destiny. You can’t fight it and it’s what the show wants and so it’s what the show will get. I don’t know where this leaves Lucy. Her role has been fulfilled, but she’s still working at Catco.

Margaret: I feel like they can go one of two ways for Lucy. The good way where she remains Kara’s friend and works at Catco and remains a moral center – which she has been until this episode where she as a lawyer recommended giving out people’s private information due to an illegal hack. Or, they are going to go the vengeful route. When she finally finds out that Kara is Supergirl, she is going to freak out and do a shitty, vengeful thing to Supergirl/Kara because of it.

Syd: You think she’s going to get super powers and become a supervillain?

Margaret: I would be interested in that, to be honest.

Syd: I wouldn’t.

Margaret: I would want to see what her superpowers were.

Syd: Maybe she’ll use her legal powers against Kara.

Margaret: Maybe she’ll sue Supergirl like in The Incredibles. But, then, they end the other plot that was weighing on the series arc, which is Hank taking the fall for Alex killing Astra.

Syd: I still maintain the count that one thing happened in this episode. This wasn’t something happening, it was something unhappening. For two episodes something started to happen, which was that Astra was killed and then they had this arc where they were building a rift between Kara and J’onn, but now, this scene was signals that the development is over, Status Quo is restored, everyone can go about their business.

Margaret: The problem they had with this is that when they killed Astra, something big had to happen. This was one of the last members of Kara’s family and for her to have died and it not mean anything would have been weird. I have a weird problem with this storyline in that I feel like something should have been shaken up. However, I’m also sick of the “We lied to you because we knew you would freak out”, said character then freaks out and then they have to resolve it from there. So, I’m glad they didn’t go that route. But, it’s a hollow victory.

What I wanted was an actual character growth, or plot movement. This was the perfect way for Kara to finally leave the DEO either because of Hank supposedly killing Astra or lying to Kara about that. Instead, they attempted to use it as a way to affirm her relationship with it. And that just is crazy town. At least they resolved it without dragging it out too long, though.

Syd: I’m so sick of Alex being on this show. How about this – Kara finds out, she’s so enraged that she kills Alex, then she finds out that Siobhan was really her sister the whole time. Nobody ever mentions Alex ever again.

Margaret: I’d be okay with that.

Syd: Man, I should write for this show.


Syd: D+. The problem with our grading system is that it tells how bad the episode is, but not in what way. This episode was bad in a poor-pacing-and-incoherent-character-motivations way, not a this-show-supports-fascism way. Although this episode was bad to a much greater extent than the previous episode, it was bad in a way that I am much more comfortable with. Still, this was way too long for only one thing to happen.

Margaret: I’m still at a C. I liked the Kara/James stuff enough, that it lifted up enough for me. The scenes they had together I really liked. Plus, Lucy was in it. Despite the fact that she broke up with James, when she’s in it, it elevates the episode for me. As always, she is one of the few driving catalysts for the show.

Syd: It’s true, Lucy was rational as she always is and they had the break up without either Lucy or Jimmy becoming irrational, despite the fact that it was entirely Jimmy’s fault.

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