Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane’s Sister

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SUMMARY: Kara watches Cat’s son Carter while Lucy tries to rekindle her romance with James. Then it turns out that Maxwell Lord was really Lex Luthor the whole time.

Superman Counter: 6

Lois Lane Counter: 5

Syd: Welcome to week 5 of Tales from the Krypton, where I haven’t given up on this Supergirl series, but it sure as hell has given up on me.

Margaret: Maybe it’s because they switched the episodes? I’ve got nothing. At least the Superman references seem to be exponentially decreasing.

Syd: But our readers will notice that we’ve added a Lois Lane reference counter for this episode. This is important because the Superman references, while annoying, usually had some relevance to the show’s story or its setting. Lois Lane has fuck all to do with this episode, but they repeatedly go out of their way to introduce Lucy Lane as Lois’ sister. The first time, maybe it’s a cute Easter egg for the fans but after that, you’re obligated to let the people who are new to D.C. know who Lois is and what she has to do with the story we are watching right now.

Margaret: That’s true. I did like the line when Cat wins the writing award and says, “And as much as I would like to rub it in her adorably freckled button nose, I don’t have anyone to watch Carter.” That was kind of funny. But it was mostly just because I was sick of hearing about Lois Lane.
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The Friendsgiving Day Spectacular

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SUMMARY: The Danvers family has Thanksgiving dinner, Livewire seeks revenge against Cat Grant – who is now a full character with motivations, and lousy dialogue is had by all.

Superman References: Only 2!

Margaret: Welcome to week 4 of Tales from the Krypton where we watched what was technically Episode 5, but they switched episodes because of current events. So instead of getting the conclusion to the horrible love triangle that I was not looking forward to, we get the Thanksgiving episode, which brings about hilarity in unexpected ways.

Syd: And this episode let you know for sure that the episode we missed did not have a conclusion to the love triangle.

Margaret: Well, the immediate “end” of the love triangle.

Syd: I don’t understand what you mean. There is no end – they definitely intend to drag this out for weeks.

Margaret: Well, of course, but the immediate end is that James is now with Lana? Leia?

Syd: Lucy!

Margaret: It’s clear that he’s going to end up with Kara, so this is entirely useless plot development.
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In It for the Shipping

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SUMMARY: Supergirl fights Reactron, Cat Grant throws a party, and Clark Kent uses emoticons.

Superman References: 31

Syd: Welcome to Tales from the Krypton, where Margaret and I just watched episode 3 of Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen Featuring Supergirl, where Jimmy is now officially the only good thing in the series.

Margaret: And where everything is Tell and not Show. The entire episode is in dialogue and nothing is in action.

Syd: Given the state of the action, maybe they should have more dialogue. Then again, given the state of the dialogue, maybe not. So I remember from last week that you were so excited to see the interview between Cat Grant and Supergirl. How did that work out for you?

Margaret: There was this huge build-up last week to something that seemed like it would be interesting. We could see these two characters interact in an actual equal manner. One of them is very powerful physically and the other is powerful in the world of the media.
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You May Remember Him From Super Friends

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SUMMARY: Supergirl meets her Aunt General Astra while Alex plays with bugs. Syd and Margaret discuss the forward progress of what seems to be Supergirl’s attempt to define the series after the pilot.

Syd: Welcome to Episode Two of Tales from the Krypton, in which good guys are bad guys and bad guys are good guys. So, we start off with Supergirl training with the DEO.

Margaret:  I thought it started before that.

Syd: No, we just have that whole Last Time On Supergirl where Kara dramatically takes off her glasses and it’s just like Superman.  Remember Superman?  We all love Superman movies, right?

Margaret: I get the feeling you don’t love Superman movies. I hate that they are still continually saying, “This isn’t His story.” They keep harping on that.

Syd: In the first scene I started counting the references until I got depressed. At least when they have the conversation with Jimmy, it actually becomes plot relevant that they talk about Superman, so I can’t begrudge them that when they’re actually doing something good with it.  But it’s so irritating when she says, “This looks like a job for Supergirl!” That’s not her catchphrase; it’s someone else’s.  You might as well have had her yell, “Spoon!”  It makes the same amount of sense. She’s as much the Tick as she is Superman.

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